Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wheelbarrows and Chorizo

Happy Sunday and Happy Father's Day!  I've been busy this morning with all the Father's Day details. 

I decided to create an early breakfast on our deck, as our oldest had to be at work today and luckily the weather cooperated.  It wasn't as warm as I would have liked, but no wind to contend with. See the table above?  That's my Mother's Day gift.  I've been wanting a permanent place to eat off the kitchen on lovely summer days and I'm so excited to finally have this. 

So, onto the breakfast....I fried up some chorizo, green onions and garlic and added 8 whisked eggs.  Topped that off with some shredded Monterrey Jack cheese and some cilantro.  This was served with warm flour tortillas and was absolutely fabulous in under 10 minutes. 

As for the centerpiece and husband wanted a new wheelbarrow, as we are actively trying to finish a very long remodel including landscaping on our house.  I purchased a cool wheelbarrow and some gallon pots of Cosmos (his favorite flower) at Home Depot yesterday and stashed them at a friend's house until dark.  That same friend (Hi Ali!!!) had me over to craft last night, so I worked on a wheelbarrow to act as a centerpiece for our table today. 

I used a template sold at My Time Made Easy, called "Bouncing Baby Buggy" and used creator, Lauren Meader's idea for converting the baby buggy into a wheelbarrow.  I had intended to fill the barrow with chocolate covered raisins, to resemble rocks, but I made my supports a bit too weak and they collapsed when the barrow was full...oh's the pity!  Anyway, I still love how it came out.  Next time, I'll just use something more sturdy for support. 

Be sure to check out all the fantastic products at My Time Made Easy.  They really are fun and easy, and have a great Sunday.

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  1. Very cute. Love the wheel barrow that you made for a center piece!!

    Take care.
    Joyce & Nicole

  2. Everything came together so beautifully! Love your new table too!


  3. Hello!

    The table is lovely, the centerpiece was so creative and the menu sounds delicious! All in all, it looks like you had a great day!

    Wishing you sunshine today! :<)

    Barbara Diane