Friday, September 4, 2009

First Blog Post Ever

I am finally taking the next step in my creative journey and starting a blog.  Why did it take me so long you ask?  Well, I'm somewhat computer challenged.  I mean it took three people to help me post on Splitcoast when I first started out, so I thought that creating a blog would be way beyond my technical abilities.  Thanks to Google, the process turned out to be pretty easy, so here I am.

Anyway, this is my blog.  I hope it is a place where people who love to create will come to find inspiration, ideas, and most of all, as the title says, a smile.  So, I hope you join me on my creative journey. 


  1. way cool Wendy! Love and envy your beautiful new scrapping space. Congrats on setting up a blog. You've got talent! - Dina

  2. Love your scrapping space as well. You did a great job getting all your things organized beautifully. Have fun blogging. Look forward to reading more. Allie