Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sweet Centers Reindeer Tutorial

I bet you thought I forgot that this was the day I promised my Sweet Centers reindeer tutorial.  Well, the day almost got away from me, but I was able to squeeze in the tutorial.  The above card was made with all Stampin' Up products, except the candy, of course.  Follow along and I'll show you how I made this little guy.

Above are the basic elements of the reindeer, although I will be adding a few shapes as we go on to embellish.  You will need the following:

* 1 large oval in Creamy Caramel (I cut mine by hand and then sanded the edges), make sure it is no bigger than a standard A2 card base.
* 3 Large oval punched in Creamy Caramel  (cut one oval in half to make the eyelids).
*2 Small oval punched in Whisper White
*2 1-inch circle punched in Chocolate Chip

Punch a hole towards the botton of the wide end of your largest oval.  Place this shape over your card base and mark the center of the 1-3/4-inch circle with a pencil.  This will give you a center for punching.

Again, using the 1-3/4-inch punch, punch a hole in the card base, using your pencil mark to guide you.  Put base aside for later.

Sponge the edges of all the Creamy Caramel shapes with Creamy Caramel ink.  Sponge the cheek area of the large oval and the inside of the punched oval shapes (the ears) with Pixie Pink ink.  I use binder clips to hold my sponges.  This helps me keep my fingers less inky.  I have each clip labled with the color, so I don't accidentally use black for brown, etc.

You will need the following additional shapes:
4 Word Window punched in Chocolate Chip
1 2-inch circle in Whisper White
1 Scalloped Circle in Chocolate Chip.

Now to the fun part, adding the features to your reindeer!!!

Place your Sweet Treats cup in through both the hole in the card base and face of your reindeer.  I used glue dots to secure the cup to the card base while I put everything together.  The face is not adhered to the card yet. 

Using a Chocolate Chip marker, make a line as above.  On the eyes, use a white gel pen to add a line and two dots, as above.

Score a line down the center of each ear shape and fold and half gently.

Cut two of your Chocolate Chip Word Window pieces in half and adhere them to the two long Word Window pieces as above to make the antlers.  Adhere the antlers and ears to the head, as shown above.

Adhere the chocolate chip circles to the Whisper White ovals and then add the Creamy Caramel eyelids.  Adhere to reindeer face.

Adhere the scalloped circle to the face and trim to the shape of the oval.  Adhere head to base of card.

Fill the Sweet Centers cup with red candies or red buttons, etc.  Remove strip from adhesive on cup and add the 2-inch Whisper White circle.  I added a little "pull" with the Slot punch.

You are done!  Add embellishments as you wish.

P.S.  I added a little smile and eyelashes to my reindeer, as my daughter said he looked sad before.

 Smiley from

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. 

Til next time,

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  1. Hi Wendy,

    Your Reindeer tuortial is very cute. Great job!! Have a nice rest of the week and Happy Halloween.

    Joyce & Nicole