Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's that time again

Hello friends,

We are just on the cusp of the planting season here in the Bay Area and I have been busy planting seeds and weeding beds. I received three wonderful half whiskey barrels from my family as a birthday present and, as you can see, I already have them planted with wonderful lettuce, onions and herbs. 
This is my first year attempting to grow all my vegetables from seed, and so far, I'm just thrilled with the success I've had.  Just look at the seedlings that are residing in a sunny window of my living room.

I'm using peat cells that will transplant pot and all directly in the garden.  So far, I have Italian pole beans, artichokes, several varieties of tomato, lemon cucumber, zuchini, fennel, spaghetti squash, eggplant, radishes, and strawberries.  All my little plant babies are thriving.  I can't wait til it's warm enough to put them in the ground.  Now, I haven't seen any of my snapdragon seeds germinate yet, but I'm still hoping. 

I hope my enthusiasm is contagious and encourages you to start your own vegetable garden, even if it's just a few pots on the porch.  Here's a card to put you over the edge.

This card is created using a retired SU set, appropriately named From the Garden.  The flower and foilage are from one single stamp.  I stamped the image three times and cut out the set of leaves and flower separately.  I then watercolored the image and used the tole technique to give it more dimension.  I also stamped the foilage portion of the stamp on the background to add even more dimension.  I love saying that...EVEN MORE DIMENSION!  To finish it off, I added some dots of copper metallic pen to the center of the magnolia blossom. 

So get out there people and start planting!  A little dirt under your fingernails does wonders for your mental health.
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Til Next Time,


  1. Hi Wendy, It looks like you have been busy in the garden. I can't wait to start my veggie garden and plant new flowers!! I love the card that you made to go with your garden post.

    Take Care.
    Joyce & Nicole

  2. Lovely inspiration Wendy....now, all I have to do is get off my bloomin' behind and get to work!! Thanks again for the ideas; I'm off to the potter's shed!