Friday, February 12, 2010

Striving for Organization

I am constantly searching for storage solutions to make my crafting space more efficient.  I want to share with you a tried and true solution I have come across for organizing small bottles or jars.

My spice rack re-inker organizer:

I found this spice rack at Target recently.  It has rubber skids, so items don't slip off and it's tiered design is perfect for organizing my re-inker bottles.  I'm thinking of getting another one to store my small bottles of paint. 

I have the organizer sitting on one of my shelves above my work area and have the bottles of re-inker organized by color family.  What's nice, is that even when I'm at my messiest (which is often), I can still find a color at a glance.  This is a big improvement from when I kept my re-inkers in a plastic case.  There is also plenty of room for more bottles.  I have every color of SU re-inker on the shelf now and plan to add Tim Holtz re-inkers as well.  You could also place labels on the white edge of the shelves if need be.

The other nice thing about this shelf, is that it's very durable and easy to clean, a must in my craft room.

Anyway, just thought I would enable a bit.  I'm still looking for additional paper punch storage, as my punch collection is bordering on an addiction (seriously!).  If you have any inexpensive, practical ways to store punches, please pass them along.

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  1. What a great way to store reinkers. Thank you for sharing. Happy Valentine's Day.

    Joyce & Nicole