Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Off the subject, or maybe this is the real subject at hand

No card today, no recipe or plant display, just wanted to have my say about something important to me.  In the current state of United States economy, with companies dropping like flies, so many people out of work and policies changing for the existing companies, I have noticed something about my fellow crafters.  We are a strong and dynamic lot.  We take some time to lick our wounds, and then we bounce back.  We create new things, re-invent ourselves, and become better and stronger than ever.  Two crafters come to mind at the moment and I hope they don't mind that I mention their names here.  Sherry Cheever and Michelle Zindorf.  The links to their blogs are listed on the right in my list of blogs I follow. 

I have to say I am so inspired by the way both of these ladies have faced setbacks in their creative and professional lives.  Michelle has taken her brayer tutorials to a new level by traveling all over the country and teaching classes (she's teaching at my house this weekend, EEK, hope I'm ready!).  Sherry has made some brave choices to follow her heart when it comes to her creative endeavors (as it should be), and is forging ahead to new adventures.  Both ladies have faced their decisions with dignity and grace.  I just want to say how much I admire them. 

Thank you for letting me ramble today.  I needed to get this out of my head.

Have a wonderful day and know you are among a wonderful group of people, called CRAFTERS!

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