Sunday, October 31, 2010

Need Help to Get Out of a Slump

You would think that I haven't been crafting with my lack of posts recently, but I have been struggling with loss of mojo.  This ailment is characterized by either no inspiration or not being able to follow-through with an idea.  In my case, I have been struggling with one project; a baby card.  I had this idea for a baby bib card, but after three tries, it ended up in the circular file.  Then I took a break and came back with an idea for a jointed teddy bear.  Again, it just wouldn't come together.  I was tempted to do the a card from Hallmark!  Of course there is nothing wrong with buying a card from Hallmark, but everyone knows I make my cards by hand and would feel slighted if I gave them a purchased card.  So, I completed the dreaded card tonight.  I told myself that good enough is and let it go.  My question is, what do you all do when you can't seem to get into the groove????

Currently Creatively Challenged


  1. K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple Stampin')
    I usually get back to the basics. I'll do a couple of few simple cards to kindle the creative fires, and then go from there.
    Have Fun! Keep Stampin'!

  2. when I can't get in a groove, I look at my favorite blogs and do an almost version of someone's else's card in my head. Then I play around and make it my own. Sometimes it works, sometimes I just need to take a break and accept that the mojo is not there!