Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh Boy!

Oh Boy! How I have missed all of you! I have missed blogging so much and especially creating. You all know I started a new job and I knew there would be some downtime for adjustment, but little did I know that life was going to throw me for a loop with lots of other happenings. Mostly, I have been trying to ease everyone here into the new schedule and their new responsibilities. I didn't realize how much effort that would take. Then it happened, or HE happened.

This little guy arrived unexpectedly:

Lovingly referred to as "Toberone", "Tobi", "Bandit", "Chompers" and various other names I can't say in this blog. 

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My daughter was given this 8-week old puppy by a friend and sprung him on us about a month ago.  Well, I don't think she realized what it takes to care for a puppy that young and I have spent a substantial amount of time as surrogate mommy.

And then there's these two:

My two babies, my buddies, my sweet girls.  They are not impressed with the new boy in town.

In fact, they're very disturbed about the situation.

As for me, I'm just trying to find some balance.  I love any and all furry creatures; hence, we have had many a critter under our roof.  Hopefully, "Li'l T" will settle down a bit, so I can get back to creating.  I tried to make a card with him in my lap, but that was a disaster. 

Until then, this is what I'm up against:

Yes, he's in the dishwasher!

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Okay, on to other things.  I'm following this post with my promised gardening post.  I haven't chosen a winner for this month's blog candy, so leave a comment sometime this weekend and it may be you!

Back with more,
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